Electrical Services

Electrical Services

We Will Supply a wide range of products as follows, fabrication and erection of all types of electrical panels. Everything is taken during fabrication, wiring and mounting, to ensure the accrue functionality of the manufactured equipment’s. The components, wires, meter sourced are of ISI quality also, the company customizes the products according to customer's requirements and specifications.

  • Design, Supply, Installation & Commissioning of LV Panels.
  • Procurement of hardware material such as cable tray, earthling strips, junction box, steel etc devices and materials for service application and distribution.
  • Design & Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Protection Systems

Low Tension (LT) Products

  • Motor Control Center Panel (MCC)
  • Power Control Center Panel (PCC)
  • Automatic Power Factor Control Panel (APFC)
  • AC/DC Drive Panels (VFD, Soft Starter)
  • Change Over Panel Boards
  • DG Set Control Panel
  • LT Distribution Boards, Fuse Distribution Boards
  • MCB Distribution Board, Fuse Distribution Boards
  • Auto Mains Failure Panel (AMF)
  • Lighting Control Panel
  • Junction boxes, Feeder Pillars
  • Control & Relay Panels, Control Desks
  • Synchronization Panel
  • Auto Transformer Starter Panel (ATS)
  • Metering Panel
  • Residential Distribution Boxes
  • Medium Voltage Segregated Bus Ducts
  • Non Segregated Bus Ducts
  • High Voltage 11/33kV Bus Ducts
  • Panels Erection and Commissioning
  • Outdoor LT Kiosks
  • Other (LT Products)

In Process Control and Instrumentation we offer the following to the customer.

  • Installation of systems including hazardous area control systems, termination & commissioning of indicators, transmitters and controller valves & other field instruments.
  • Installation & Commissioning of DCS Systems.
  • Infrastructure systems installation including cabling, marshalling panels, instrument air/gas tubing and impulse piping work
  • Testing, calibration & loop checking through fully trained technicians with NABL certified testing equipment. Specialist knowledge on industrial projects for material selection and procurement related to electrical & instrumentation hardware material.
  • Supply & Installation of instruments, panels, junction boxes, cable laying & termination, perforated cable tray work, pedestal fabrication.